This morning, in the middle of morning cartoons that started way too early for this mommy’s liking, my precious boy (all of 2) turned around to face me while sitting in my lap and said, “I happy.”

“You’re happy?” I asked.

He said, “I happy see uooo.” Of course my heart melted.

“I’m happy to see you too, baby.” This was followed by a hug (“huggies” to be exact).

For all the terrible temper tantrums that come from the twos, this age is the age of discovery, learning to speak what is in the mind, learning to communicate. Every day I am surprised by his expanding vocabulary and developing character.

Anyone who knows me will tell you, I was really scared of having a boy.  I knew they were different from girls and I didn’t, and actually still don’t really understand all the ways our minds work differently.  I knew they could be rough and tumble around.  I knew they could be playfully mean (from pigtail pulling, to trash talk on the field – which we are still years away from thankfully – I hope.) But I don’t really understand what make us so different.  And honestly, I’m not sure that matters in the big picture, but my point is…I was afraid of what to expect from a boy child.  And Jesse…well he is the joy of my heart.  (This is not a comparison to my daughter who is the light of my world.)

While Jesse has his moments of needing to work off the testosterone energy that seems to come with boys, wanting to climb and bang and crash and wrestle, he is also the most gentle soul I have ever known.  After telling me he was happy to see me, Jesse began to put his hands on either side of my face so that he could make direct eye contact with me and he said, “I luh uoo

, Mommy.”  Yes, my heart melted again.

And I did not leave him hanging a second before I responded, “Oh, I love you, too, Jesse.”

What was striking to me in that moment, was the intention with which he shared his message of love with me.  He did not want me to miss it.  He wanted me to understand that he was sharing something special with me.  So he got my attention and he made eye-contact and he spoke in a gentle voice, and then he rubbed his cheek against mine.

What kinds of messages are we intentional about sending?  And which messages should we be more intentional about sending?  And how often are we intentional about sharing a message of love with others in our lives?  Sometimes we have to make an effort to connect with others.  Sometimes it is not good enough to not have time.  (I know, we are starting to get a little “Cat’s in the cradle,” but stick with me.)

For me this experience was a reminder of the importance of paying attention to those inner voices that tell you, “pay attention to this,” because these are the times when we see the face of God, eye to eye. Listen for God’s voice when it beacons, and pay attention to the times when you need to be intentional about reaching out and sharing love, and you will be rewarded 10 fold.

And thank you to my little man who loves and teaches love very intentionally.

Jesse being generous

Jesse being generous


About lizdeweese

I'm a 40's something mom of two young children who serves as minister to a suburban church in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Arizona. I'm married to a minister ordained by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) who serves at an Intentional Interim Minister. It's a challenge, but I love every bit of it!
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One Response to Intention

  1. John says:

    stop, you’re making me cry This was surely a dayenu moment.

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