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Taking Turns Is Stewardship

I’ve been doing a lot of work with stewardship lately and will continue this work for the near future, but what I’ve noticed is how very many life lessons are lessons of stewardship. The other day, at the breakfast table … Continue reading

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What are you afraid of?

As our congregation works through a thorough process to discern God’s vision, it is no surprise to me that the process is being met with some resistance. I’ve heard everything from, ‘this is one more plan we had that turned … Continue reading

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A Star, A Star…

So tonight, after seeing an article on it earlier today, I invited my four-year old daughter to bundle up and go watch a meteor shower with me.  Abbie was excited about it because she had seen an episode of Doc … Continue reading

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Advent Resolutions

I’m sure some of my friends might think this is corny, but this year I am going to try this form of counter-cultural living: I’m not making New Year’s resolutions…I’m making Advent resolutions. Advent is the beginning of the Christian … Continue reading

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